Linear Bearings

Air Bearing SlideLoadpoint Bearings manufacture a range of products for linear bearing motion applications. These include high precision linear bearings, air bearing slideways, cylindrical sleeves and air pads.

Slideways are available in lengths up to 500 mm (20”). They are designed and manufactured to give high stiffness and low motion error. Typical running accuracies better than 1 um (0.0004”) over 100 mm travel length can be achieved.

Slideways can be supplied with an integral direct drive motor and encoder or built to take an external drive. They may also be integrated to complete spindle assemblies to enable accurate spindle positioning. Full technical support is available for drive selection and setting.

Air pads are available in diameters up to 300 mm and support loads to a maximum of 15 Kn. They are designed to support heavy objects and provide a constant ride height with zero friction in a horizontal plane.

Cylindrical sleeves and matching shafts are available in diameters up to 50 mm (2”) to support loads to a maximum of 100 Kg. These enable linear motion with rotation to be achieved. Alternatively two or more units can be built in to a single assembly to act as a slideway.

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