High Rigidity Rotary Tables

Loadpoint Bearings, a leading supplier of high precision rotary tables to the electronics and machine tool industries offers the H Section line of high rigidity rotary tables with double thrust plate design for increased rigidity under load.

All high rigidity rotary tables feature low axial motion errors 20-50nM and less than 1 micron static runout (once per revolution).

All of our high rigidity rotary tables may be driven by belt with an external motor or direct drive motor. Positional resolution down to 0.1 arc/seconds with encoder and DC brushless motor. Loadpoint Bearings can give application support on motors, encoders and controller.

Features include large diameter central through hole for vacuum or coolant. Rotary couplings can also be fitted and supplied.

These High Rigidity Rotary Tables are compatible with other short, blocky shaped spindles made for oversize loads and still give optical quality resolution.

Improve your rotary table technology with the benefits of:

  • Axial stiffness range from 600-1235N/microns
  • Load range from 1400-3500N
  • RPM range 1500-5000 RPM

Air PressureBar6666
Air ConsumptionL/min15203540
Axial StiffnessN/u60070511761235
Radial StiffnessN/u150167206392
Radial LoadNm500600700800
Axial LoadNm1400180030003500
Axial Runout (dynamic)nM1400<20<20<20
Radial Runout (dynamicnM<50<50<50<50
Axial Runout (static)uM<2<2<2<
Radial Runout (static)uM<2<2<2<2
Speed (max)RPM5000300025001500
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