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Recent Developments In Air Bearing Spindles Are Redefining The Boundaries Of High Precision Machining

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Swindon, UK – To many manufacturing engineers, air bearing spindles have traditionally been esoteric pieces of equipment – for the initiated only. Over the last few years this view has changed, largely due to force of circumstance, namely the growth in the… Continue reading

Direct Drive Air Bearing Linear Slideways Enable Ultra Precision Motion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Swindon, UK – A new range of direct drive, linear air bearing slideways from Loadpoint Bearings provides straightness of motion better than 0.1 um in 100 mm of travel, and resolution on position accuracy better than 0.1 um. Developed for use on… Continue reading

Loadpoint’s Direct Drive Rotary Tables Are The First For Precision Tasks With Angular Position Resolution Better Than 0.00002 Degrees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Swindon, UK – Loadpoint Bearings has launched a revolutionary range of air bearing rotary tables employing a new design of direct drive system to achieve previously unattainable levels of resolution on angular position, better than 0.00002 degrees. This level of accuracy means… Continue reading

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