Category: Application Bulletins

Air Spindles For High Precision Machining

Introduction The development of commercial air bearing machining spindles has been largely driven by the growth in the number of applications for high and ultra precision machining as well as the continual need for higher standards of machine performance. The diversity in the range of… Continue reading

General Advice on Air Supplies and their Maintenance

The continued reliable performance of the spindle is dependent on it’s air supply. The following is Loadpoint’s recommendations for the air supply equipment and maintenance. Please also refer to the drawing above. TYPICAL FILTER SETUP We recommend a three filter arrangement as shown in the… Continue reading

How Air Bearings Work

How Air Bearings Work The basic principle of operation of air bearings has been established for more than fifty years. A air bearing may comprise of a sleeve separated from a plain shaft by a small gap, typically 5–50 um. High pressure air is fed… Continue reading

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