High Performance Paint Spraying Spindles

Paint Spray SpindleLoadpoint Bearings is an established manufacturer and a pioneer of many new air bearing developments. Together with our policy of continuous improvement, this has placed us at the forefront of paint spraying spindle technology.

Loapoint’s paint spraying spindles are compact, high speed and designed to withstand the rigorous demands of high ‘G’ forces and reduced air supply pressures characteristic of this application.

An efficient design of air turbine minimizes air consumption yet enables the spindles to rapidly recover speed in response to paint overflow or to be rapidly braked in readiness for changeovers. Paint Spraying Spindle

The robustness of Loadpoint’s paint spraying spindles is due to the use of high quality, scuff resistant materials and a unique internal design which minimized dynamic loading of the bearings. Vibration free running at high rotational speeds is also achieved through precision manufacturing tolerances and accurate dynamic balancing.

Paint Spraying SpindlesSpindles are available in a standard format or can be customized to fit existing machinery.

Loadpoint Paint Spraying Spindles:

  • Paint Volumes up to 1.2 litres per minute
  • Typical maximum speed with 70mm bell is 80,000 rpm
  • Products available for all leading equipment manufacturers
  • Use on robots



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