High Performance Air Bearing Spindles And Rotary Tables

Loadpoint Bearings is an established manufacturer of air bearing products and pioneer of new development in air bearing technology. Our continuous development places us at the forefront of air spindle technology in a wide variety of industries throughout the world. Our success is built on over 30 years of technical innovation in air bearings. Loadpoint Bearings’ products provide reliable ultra precision motion, extreme speed and high stiffness solutions.

We offer high precision air bearing spindles that are optimized to suit customer requirements. Design specialists can review your specifications to ensure optimum air spindle selection.

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Dicing for the electronics industry, paint spraying for the automotive industry, diamond turning for the contact lens industry are just a few of the applications where Loadpoint Bearings is a leading supplier of high performance spindle systems.

At the forefront of bearings technology…

Loadpoint Bearings work closely with leading UK universities and has built its air bearing experience into a comprehensive suite of computer models and has made innovations in the application of DC brushless motors to air bearing systems. The company is in a unique position to respond to customer demands for higher performance spindles or completely new air spindle concepts.

Continuous investment in new manufacturing machinery and the latest test equipment ensures all Loadpoint spindles are manufactured to the highest quality standard irrespective of whether it is a spindle chosen from one of our standard ranges or a completely new prototype. Products are fully supported by a team of design, development and sales staff who maintain direct customer contact at all times.

Improve your air bearing spindle technology with the benefits of:

  • Greater Accuracy
  • High Stiffness
  • Higher Speeds
  • Low Friction

  • Superior Surface Finish
  • High Load Capacity
  • Shorter Cycle Time
  • Easy Maintenance

Most high speed spindles are water cooled to maintain thermal stability and minimize warm up times. All products are balanced to gyroscopic levels to ensure accurate rotation. Materials are of the highest quality and in-process measurement is used to ensure performance is not compromised. Assembly is carried out in clean conditions. Products are tested to ensure specifications are met.

Spindles are available in a wide variety of formats. Most spindles have cylindrical housings but rectangular foot mounted housings can be supplied to ease mounting or to allow the use of larger diameter shafts. Integral drive motors may be of the AC type where high speeds are required or of the DC type to provide high torque at low speeds. Encoders can be fitted where smooth motion or accurate positioning is required and air turbines are available for applications in which electric motors are not suitable. Work or tool holding arrangements include air chucks, vacuum plates and collets.

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